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Our vacations are ALL ABOUT the EXPERIENCE. Click below to learn how we choose the places to lay your head.

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Door to Door Service

For the discerning client, we can provide the full "front of house" experience,  by taking you from door to door, including accompanying you on flights.
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Ever Evolving

So you've been dreaming of this voyage for years. You find yourself in Vienna in the rain. The forecast is not good. What do we do? This is where our services differ from the others.. learn more

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Here is just a taste of some of our tour suggestions.. As most of our tours are customized, they typically include elements of lots of different tours! Contact us for more information on how to build your dream vacation!

What Our Customers Say

  • For so long, I had wanted to visit Europe. I was lucky to see my father return from WWII.  He had faced the Normandy beaches and made his way back to us. We never discussed it much but when we lost him some years ago, I knew I had to make the trip.  We visited all of the important landmarks and got to see lots more.  I experienced every emotion but John kept me balanced throughout. We had a great time. And we enjoyed some great beer together too!  Thanks John!
    Christopher Johnson
    WWII Veteran
  • If, like me, you like your wine and food, then you must take a trip with First Class Tours.  If where you sleep is important, then absolutely, you must contact First Class Tours.  I approached Grainne about a trip and she designed the perfect tour for my mother and I. My mother had always wanted to visit France and taste fresh Fois Gras and walk the vineyards of Bordeaux. We did this and so much more.  Many thanks to you Grainne.
    Christina Hardy
    Happy Traveller
  • What a magnificent trip!  It's amazing what John, our guide knows about Europe.  Not only was he able to tell us all about the history of each location, he kept us regaled with stories as he chauffeured us from place to place.  What a trip.  I have already booked my tour of Europe's Christmas markets.
    Jane Bronson
    European Castles and more
  • My 10 day tour of Europe was incredible, fantastic, overwhelming. These words really do not do justice to the 10 countries we travelled and the people we met. It was a journey like no other we have been on. There is no doubt that I will be using First Class Tours again. 10 countries in 10 days! Just WOW!
    Michael Doyle
  • The SPECIAL VOYAGE team are the navy seals of the chauffeured tour world.  A small elite team that always gets the job done right.  More than just a travel agent, they are a nimble unit that creates artistic voyages and beautiful memories.
    Juan Montoya

Escape to the Alps

Although not a sizeable country by area, Switzerland is huge in terms of diversity. Situated between Germany, France, Austria and Italy makes for some pretty different cultural activity no matter where you decide to unpack. If you’re looking for Italian flair, venture to the southernmost canton of Switzerland, the Ticino. Ticino is a “land of culture,” with plenty of things to do—from both Swiss and Italian food, to music and art performances around every corner. It’s also a great region for cycling—from the stunning mountainous scenery and sparkling lakes to the red-roofed village houses clustered along the shores.

“It was fantastic going on a sled for the first time and seeing the beautiful mountains! And I’m going back for the chocolate!”